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We are Lemon Properties!

We offer you the following services:

✨tourist apartments
✨property management
✨help you invest in a property
✨ relocation packages.

Why to invest in Spain?

✨Because it is an extremely popular destination for those looking for a pleasant climate and a high quality of life. ✨Because FIESTA never ends and we feel like we are on holiday for at least 4 hours/day, after workday ends.

About Us

Real estate & Holiday rentals

  • Real estate:

    Discover the home of your dreams with our great portfolio in our section, new development offer! We are proud to present an exclusive selection of modern and stylish properties offering the latest in comfort, design and technology. Our projects incorporate modern and contemporary designs that reflect the latest architectural trends. From elegant finishes to functional spaces, every detail has been carefully considered to provide a home that not only meets your needs, but also reflects your lifestyle.

  • Holiday rentals:

    We put your property on the map. Through our platforms and partnerships, we guarantee global exposure for your tourist apartment, reaching a broader audience and capturing the attention of potential tenants around the world. Imagine for a second that you are the manager of a hotel that has a subordinate team. The team helps you manage the business.

    Then imagine that you have a tourist home for rent and you realize that there are many things you have to do. As a consequence, you decide to outsource part of the services.
    How are you feeling? You are in charge, but you are not overwhelmed. 

property management

How can we help you buy a property in Spain as foreigner?

Who do we represent?

The buyer

Who is our client for real estate?

South – Eastern European investors

How can we help?

Find the most suitable property for every client

What is our micro location?

Between Malaga en Marbella

How can we work if you live abroad?

Online, we will be your eyes and ears in Spain

Can we also manage holiday rentals?

Yes, we do a great job!

How can we help you when moving to Spain as foreigner?



New Development

Look through our newest properties

Nova Marina
Nova Marina, Fuengirola, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 290.000 €
Nova Marina is a new development of 127 flats of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms....
Sunset Views
Sunset views, Fuengirola, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 319.500 €
dream residential complex in Fuengirola to enjoy the privileged sunsets of Costa del Sol. Sunset Views,...
2-Parque Paloma
San Carlos Gardens
San Carlos Gardens, Benalmádena, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 357.525 €
Introducing San Carlos Gardens, a remarkable new development offering multi-family homes with two and three...
Stella 8
Stella 8, Benalmádena, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 335.000 €
STELLA 8 - Exclusive promotion of 8 flats in an exceptional environment, 300 m distance...
Complex Baviera Golf
Célere Baviera Golf
Célere Baviera Golf, Vélez, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 213.200 €
Célere Baviera Golf is a unique residential complex that offers all the functionalities of a...
Blue Marine
Blue Marine, Manilva, Málaga, Costa del Sol. 0% commission
from 370.000 €
Living in Blue Marine, the perfect residential complex for you in Manilva, means choosing the...

Amazing opportunity


HOLIDAY RENTALS – Every month we organize a delectable breakfast experience that will help you start your touristic business! You are the one making the decision if fully collaborate with us, which parts of the services you want to outsource and which responsibilities you want to manage. You create our collaboration concept.

Come & join us for a morning of great food, insightful discussions, and exciting information! Let’s toast to your future success in the thriving touristic property industry!


See some of our properties

We are specialized in providing high-quality and comfortable holiday lets for travelers in popular destinations in Costa del Sol.

Green Initiatives

Sustainability and eco-friendliness

As awareness for environmental conservation, we invested in eco-friendly options for our clients. Here are some green initiatives that we implemented in our Lemon Properties:

  • Energy-efficient appliances: to save on electricity and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Waste management: we encourage guests to separate their waste. Every apartment has proper recycling bins and instructions for guests.
  • Water conservation: We put at our guest’s disposal information on how to conserve water.
  • Cleaning products: We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment and guests.
  • Provide eco-friendly amenities such as organic toiletries, reusable water bottles, or locally sourced snacks.
  • We support local conservation efforts.
  • Green transportation: We encourage guests to use public transportation or bikes to explore the city. We provide information on how to rent bikes or use public transportation.
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